TrueTouchSM Touchpoints

Insite RealTime empowers the consumer marketer with a powerful targeting solution that incorporates the key dimensions of audience, message, channel and timing into a platform for developing optimal contact strategies. TrueTouch recommends communication themes or Touchpoints likely to be highly valued and motivate consumer behavior within each Impact.
Touchpoints help marketers craft messages and offers that are most likely to generate response from their audience, give greater insight into what customers and prospects value, and the types of offers they are likely to perceive as worthwhile.

Buy American
This Touchpoint’s focus is on the pride, heritage and stability of your product or services offered. Your reputation and local representation are important and add value to your proposition. American made products are trusted and well used.

Show me the money
To those motivated by this Touchpoint you're offering the absolute best deal. Show real savings, for example a buy-one-get-one opportunity. Deep discounts, low price and substantial savings provide heavy incentive.

Go with the flow
In marketing to this group of people it is important to explain how your product or service has already been tried, tested and proven a winner. Low risk and mainstream popularity support the legitimacy and worth of your offer.

No time like the present
This group of people is motived by you making it easy for them to reply, apply or finance. Discounts, rebates, coupons and incentives must be immediate. Present multiple benefits, including if the opportunity can elevate status or privileges.

Never show up empty handed
"What's in it for me” is the main question that needs to be answered to this group of consumers. Offer comparisons and reasons to switch, such as gift incentives or easy payment plans. A good mix of choices and/or the opportunity for self-improvement motivate.

On the road again
You will need to demonstrate a fair value using a straightforward, logical approach to these people. No frills are necessary and generics and store brands are appreciated. Peer/user comparisons and testimonials persuade.

Look at me now
Communicate the strength and quality of your brand to this group. Relationships and customer service are important, and face-to-face contact is a real plus. Promote quality and service aspects and award them with a trial offer to help establish confidence in product/service.

Stop and smell the roses
This group is interested in altruism, activism and appreciation for our ecology and the world around them. Stress the natural versus the manmade, eco-friendliness and healthy and sustainable living. Describe benefits in detail.

Work hard, play hard
With this group, highlighting the fact if your offer is new or cutting edge is critical. Launch new products and services catch their attention. Reward them and compliment early adopters for being the first to take advantage, will help your communication peak their interest. Showcase cutting edge technology and premium high value offers.

A penny saved, a penny earned
Your offer needs to benefit the family because the family is the prime concern and focus. Family and animal friendliness, bonuses and the best price are all more important than brand. Tell how you beat the competition.

It’s all in the name
Celebrity endorsements are important to these people. Use well known people as your motivator to sell your product or service to this group of people.



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You now have numerous avenues to pursue to make your prospect a client. We can help you market to them, and others that look just like them, using our advanced data analytics tools.


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